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Our Tree & Landscape Customers

Commercial Properties

  Research shows that maintained landscapes can stimulate economic development, help units rent more quickly, improve tenant retention, and increase property values. Because of this, we focus a great deal of our attention on providing great commercial tree and ground care services.  Whether our clients manage large multi-structure office complexes, or single structure sites, our tree and ground care programs reduce unexpected problems and costs, keeping you on track and on budget. 


City & Park Properties

  Urban trees and landscapes help define the character of a community’s streets, neighborhoods, common areas, and parks like nothing else can. They provide tranquility with their beauty, and are critical to the essence of a successful community and the environment around us.  We have partnered with city arborists, officials, planners, volunteer organizations, and community leaders to improve the safety, health, and beauty of their trees and parks.Our goal has always been to provide property owners and managers the information necessary to make informed decisions about their landscapes, and the future and health of their communities. 

Condos, Apartments, & HOA

  Your landscape not only provide aesthetic beauty, curb appeal, and privacy to a community, but substantially enhance property values and “sell-ability” as well. It is essential that the health and beauty of your property be managed by a company with knowledge and passion in their field.  We believe in a proactive approach to tree care and maintenance that helps to reduce liability and future problems. We also streamline the budgeting process and offer custom budgets and tree management plans for you specific property.

Residential Properties

  Trees and landscapes are one of the most important features of a home, and add immeasurable value to a property. Healthy, vibrant trees, lawn, flowers and shrubs increase property values, reduce cooling costs, improve air quality, attract birds and other wildlife, and provides physiological benefit that enhances our lives. Whether you’re interested in extensive installation, garden maintenance, or tree management, our experienced and trained staff will help create the beautiful and functional setting you envision.

Golf Courses & Country Clubs 


  Trees define the character of any course, and are essential to the game. The care of these trees is critical, as the loss of even one key tree can alter course play.  While adding beauty and pleasure, trees enhance the layout of the golf course, provide shade for golfers, provide homes for wildlife and reduce liability by creating a barrier to stop errant shots.  As your partner, our arborist can develop a tree care program to include these critical components of a great golf course.


Construction & Development

  As cities and suburbs expand, wooded lands are being developed into commercial and residential sites.  New landscapes are being created for each home or commercial property.  No matter the extent of the development we can help preserve existing trees and instal all new landscaping.  We work to develop strong relationships with construction clients to deliver a wide range of services.      

Tree Care for School Properties

  Trees are the most significant feature of the landscape and offer a unique historical, cultural, and aesthetic value to schools and universities. Thriving green spaces define the character of academic institutions and provide numerous environmental benefits. Trees are also essential to many campus’ sustainability initiatives.  Chavco is able to work with school administrators to put together a proactive program to preserve the trees and green spaces on your campus for generations to come.   

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