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Pruning & Maintenance

Tree Care Services


  Whether it is to enhance the look of your cityscape, increase visibility of your costly billboard or naturally beautify your institutional campus, tree pruning is a job best done by professional arborists. Tree pruning is an important factor in the health and growth of your trees. A tree that is allowed to grow, without being maintained properly, could eventually become unhealthy or even dangerous. It could also have a harmful effect on the health of the other trees on your property.  Pruning involves many permanent decisions. Which limbs to remove, how cuts are made, complex rigging operations, and dangerous technical procedures should all be left in the hands of certified arborists and highly skilled climbers.  A single mistake could ruin a tree or result in serious damage or injury.

Tree Removal & Stump Grinding

  Selecting the right tree care company to remove your tree is a serious decision, as there are no licensing laws that regulate or monitor safety practices in this industry.  We specialize in zero-impact tree removal. In fact, most properties are left in better condition than when our work began. Every aspect of a removal from power line drops, traffic control, scheduling conflicts, specialty equipment, complicated set-up procedures and complex rigging systems, to immaculate clean-up are carefully managed for you.  

Emergency Services

  Tree inventories are intended to provide the basic information on the plant population of a property in order to make informed management decisions. Inventories can supply information on plant quantities, location, condition, and size and maintenance requirements. Based on this information, sustainable management plans and rational budgets can be developed for the property’s care.Our inventorying system uses the latest technology that incorporates Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to collect data, map location, and develop management plans.  The program links information collected in the inventory to photographic images that display plant locations in relationship to roads, buildings, and other infrastructure. 



Tree Risk Assessment

  Well-maintained landscapes with mature trees can account for an important portion of a home’s market value and curb appeal. Whether you’ve just moved into a new neighborhood or have questions about the health and safety of your trees, contact your local arborist to help protect your green investment.  A professional tree service can provide a tree health and tree risk assessment, helping you spot potential weaknesses before they become major problems. Preventive tree care can save thousands of dollars in potential damage or expensive removal services. 


Tree Preservation Programs

  Critical decisions involving trees during development and construction can have a significant impact on the success of any project. These decisions must involve an arborist experienced in every aspect of the construction process, and should be part of the development team during the planning process.  Trees that are preserved during the construction of new developments add significant value to the property and are more likely to sale or rent for higher value.  In order to bring modern development and nature together certain steps must be taken to successfully complete these projects.

Tree Planting Service


  Planting a tree is an effective way to increase your property’s aesthetic appeal, add shade, enhance privacy, reduce energy costs, and raise your real estate values. A properly planted and maintained tree has a much greater likelihood of a long, healthy life. An improperly planted tree can become a costly or even dangerous problem as it matures.  Our certified arborists have years of knowledge about tree types, soils and proper planting techniques. With our tree planting services, we make sure that it is done correctly the first time.  80% of tree failures are due to improper planting. The roots need to breath and grow out to support the growing tree.

Disease & Insect Management

  Trees in nature have evolved to develop a high degree of resistance to threats from insects and diseases.  Conversely, urban trees face increased challenges due to their harsh growing conditions, leaving their resistance compromised and more vulnerable to attack.  Chavco Tree and Landscape uses an integrated approach to managing insects and diseases that begins with maintaining plant health using sound cultural practices including pruning and creating optimal soil conditions for plant growth. Periodic inspections are essential to detect pest infestations before they reach damaging levels.     

GPS & GIS Inventories

  While most tree care companies tout being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, not every company is prepared to safely handle the aftermath of a storm. Storm-damaged trees can be extremely dangerous and require highly skilled climbers to safely manage their removal. Trees are often lying in precarious positions, can be tangled in other trees or structures, and prone to unexpected shifting.  Selecting the right tree care company to assist you following a storm is a serious decision. Consumers must be careful to differentiate between established companies that invest in a deeply-rooted culture of safety and training, and those fly-by-night companies that attempt to capitalize on natural disasters. 


"Trees fight the greenhouse effect. They act as carbon sinks, sequestering

                atmospheric CO2 while releasing oxygen back into the air"


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